This little place…

This little place over here on the internet has been through constant change.  It started off as a special place that served a little dream I had of being a wedding planner.  I had the opportunity to work with some incredible, sweet souls to help them plan their special day.  I had the pleasure of working with the most creative, passionate talented industry friends who were (and still are) a source of inspiration and whom I admire greatly.

And then things shifted…slowly at first, but once you hear the sound of your heart beating it is difficult to ignore.  It was time to change direction.  So with a grateful heart I said good bye to the wedding planning world and shifted my focus.

Things change, people change and I am here continuously evolving.  Every day, I am working on who I am.

Thank you for sticking it out with me.  You mean the whole world! xo

And if you are new here and a little curious about what makes my heart happy, here is a little peek…


I am smitten with my little Bailey Marley, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier who is solely responsible for my love of morning walks (even on those freeeezing winter days!) and who constantly reminds me that the world is a big beautiful playground.

I love spaces that are bright and uncluttered, but also cozy and inviting.

I must have flowers always and always…and books to fill my imagination with dreams of faraway places and stories.

I am inspired by anything and everything French and I dream of Paris daily…BUT, I am in love with our beautiful Toronto.

My champagne of choice is Moët & Chandon, because…you know, bubbly.  Pair that with a perfect macaron and boom…I’ll be your new best friend!


Tell me a little about yourself.  I’d love to know what makes you happy!  [email protected]


Photo Credit / Styling: Love Eva