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I cannot believe how quickly time flies sometimes. It wasn’t that long ago that I was welcoming the summer breeze and all the fun plans and dreams that always come along with the warmer months…and now here we are, mid-September and I must admit I am a little bit in awe at how fast this summer came and went.  However, as we transition from easy-breezy to crisp and cool weather, I feel a sense of excitement and wonder as I prepare for the new season.  It may be the habits left from my old school days, but September always feels like a time to reset and start again on any forgotten hopes and dreams and a time to plan for new adventures.  The cozy sweaters, richer foods and frothier drinks are just a cherry on top.

As I look back on summer sixteen, I feel grateful for friends old and new, days spent with loved ones, the ability to feel the sun and the blessing of welcoming a new season with open arms.  Change is good my friends.  I hope that September has been treating you well and that you continue to dream, love and always move forward with light in your eyes and joy in your hearts.  And now, I leave you with a few September things I’m looking forward to…

Relaxed and unplanned adventures


Enjoying as many meals outdoors as possible



Breathing in the changing season



Lots of pie and warm, frothy drinks



Happy pre-Fall friends!  October will be here soon accompanied by that beautiful symphony of magical colours we all love.  Are you excited?!

Lots of love! xo

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Well, the weekend is here once again.  What fun adventures are you up to?  My plan is to catch up on a little sleep and enjoy a few weekend luxuries.  Spending some time resting up, listening to your favorite music (or enjoying some silence) and treating yourself to a few favorite treats is a great way to welcome the weekend and recharge.  So today, I am sharing my recipe for a perfect lazy morning.  Enjoy!

A fresh, fluffy and cozy bed…


Books and magazines!! Nothing better than flipping the pages of a favorite read…




Flowers nearby to inspire and refresh the spirit…


A stack of note cards.  This is the perfect time to write a “Thank You” or “Hello, I’m thinking of you” note…


And once ready to rise…a fresh shower and a few beauty treats…

thisisglamorous1 (2)


And lastly, fresh coffee and delicious breakfast bites…


styleathomeblog1 thisisglam_breakfast

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Enjoy.  Sleep in.  Sip your coffee slowly and savor the day. XO

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Well, well, it looks like another year has opened its doors to us and patiently awaits as we dream, scheme and hustle to make it one beautiful and successful adventure.

1 As we write down goals for 2016 in our shiny new planners, let us leave room for the unimaginable blessings that may come our way.  Let us plan for a little risk taking, for reaching out to others, for sharing our journeys in the hopes that they will help someone and most importantly, let us plan to give out love in any way we can.  In supporting one another we strengthen our core, we build connections that go beyond even our own understanding and we find other human beings that share our passions and our desire to make this life the best it can be.


Let us remember that success does not signify the absence of failure.  There will be challenges, changes and unexpected circumstances and it will be ok to fall down, to cry and to wonder why…remember, you are human.  Give yourself room to be where you need to be.  As a new year begins, there is always a sense of hope, but as the humans that we are, we also put an immense amount of pressure on ourselves…again I say to you, give yourself room to be where you need to be.

img_8679x Let us be present and focus on our own path.  Our journeys are all different, so let us not compare our beginning to someone else’s middle.  Along the way, you will find that the universe will surround you with light and nudge you along in the right direction…and it may not be anything like you imagined, but it may be just as perfect.

6 I wish you a year full of love and grace.  May it be nothing like you expected…but rather more magical than you ever thought possible.  Thank you for your support as I go on my journey, you mean so much.  With love, Eva.

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