You guys, so here we are… March 2017!  How did that happen already?!  Feels like it was just yesterday that we were all dreaming of a white Christmas and planning our new year adventures, am I right?  Time flies.  Time moves. Things change.

Over the last couple of years, the theme of my life has been just that…change.  Movement (sometimes while standing still).  Constant (often painful) evolution.  For better or worse…and more often than not, challenging.  I have always loved calm, constant, routine…planning and knowing what’s next gives me a sense of comfort, which, if I can be honest, has sometimes been hindering to my personal growth.  I admit it.  And here I am.  I was given no choice but to keep moving and learning that the only thing that is constant in life is change.

I have seen many people come up with a their “word for 2017”, and I thought about this one – what could it be?!  I decided on “EMBRACE”.  Accepting what comes with gratitude and grace.  And little by little things will begin to make sense and take shape.  We can’t see it while going through it…believe me I know.  But it will make sense, I promise you.  Not all at once, but the pieces of the puzzle will begin to fall into place to create the picture of the life you are meant to live (not necessarily the shiny one you have been imagining, but the one that is messy, real, inclusive, different, fulfilling, and perfectly you).

Over the last few months, I took a little break. A little time to asses without the noise of constant communication.  Quiet exploration.  A moment to breathe and listen…and  today, I want to share with you a new direction.  A new journey.

It took me so long to decide, to accept, to find the courage to share.  But here I am.

A few months back, I decided to steer away from a little dream that started a few years ago.  I wanted to be a wedding planner.  I LOVED the idea of working with great clients to help them achieve their perfect day and what a pleasure it was to be able to do it.  On that journey, I had the opportunity to hear the sweetest love stories, to share in special moments, to witness the promise of forever and to meet some incredibly creative, sweet and amazing individuals.  The wedding industry holds a very special place in my heart, but the time has come for me to say good bye.

Little by little, I have been pushed by the universe to go in a different direction.  I fought it for a while, because I had worked hard, I had spent time, I had invested myself and quite honestly, changing directions in the middle of the ocean is not easy.  But eventually, I stopped long enough to listen to my heart.  It was time to let go, and with much love and gratitude, I said a sweet goodbye to the world of weddings.

To all my incredible clients, a million thanks from the very bottom of my heart for allowing me to share in one of your most personal and important journeys.  I loved meeting you, sharing with you, laughing (and sometimes crying) with you, hearing your love stories, catching your secret glances and admiring your commitment.  Thank you for letting me witness your love.

And to the ever-inspiring, vendor friends I got to work with along the way, thank you for sharing your talent, passion, professionalism and creativity.  I will continue to cheer you on and be your biggest fan from out here!

What’s going on now?  Professionally, my work is currently in the non-profit sector with an amazing organization I have admired for many years, working alongside an incredibly passionate, energetic and inspiring team.  I will definitely share more about the work that we do as I go along, but for now, if you have a few minutes, go here and here to learn more.

On a personal note, I still want to blog.  I still want to share.  I still want to be here in this little corner of the internet where you have been so kind to me.  The direction will change, but the love and the heart will be the same.  I will share what inspires me and what I hope will inspire you, even if in little ways.  So stay with me and check in when you can.  It would mean the world!

Deep gratitude always ~ a million thanks for being part of my journey.

With love,


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I know that we are all fall foliage and pumpkin spice lately (and rightly so!), but today I am doing a little throw back to a sweet Spring mini shoot I had the pleasure of styling.  What a treat it was to be a part of Nichole and Darien’s engagement session, the minute they walked in the room, you could feel the love and sweetness between them and it was magic to watch!  I was so fortunate to work alongside some really cool Toronto professionals to set up a photo session filled with treats and blooms.  We were also very lucky to have a charming and bright space to work with as the weather was a little bit on the crazy side that day…there was snow, rain, hail, wind, sunshine, then rain again….and it just kept going!  But we were nice and cozy inside!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day, all captured by the talented Jennifer Images.













A huge thank you goes out to the team that took part in this photo shoot:  Cabello by Carolina (Hair & Make-Up); Pastel Dress Party (Nichole’s dresses); Cherrypick (Jewels); Toronto Yoga Mamas (Venue); Flower Maiden (Blooms); and of course, Jennifer for capturing everything! All styling by Love Eva.
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Well friends, the most colorful season of the year is here us and there is something so enchanting in the air.  As the greenery of summer turns into an array of deep red and orange hues, our souls are refreshed and the excitement of a new beginning greets us as we breathe in the cool autumn air.  So magical!

What better time to celebrate love than when nature surrounds us with such a beautiful carnival of changing colors!  If you are hosting a Fall celebration, be it a wedding or any other social soiree, be sure to let texture, warmth and richness take center stage to create a cozy atmosphere. Serve warm (maybe spiked?) apple cider as your signature drink, bring in rustic elements such as leaves and branches for centerpieces and of course, add candle light for a delicate glow.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you…






Fall Post


Fall Post1


Wishing you the loveliest Fall season!  I hope you find many ways to enjoy the outdoors, and create cozy moments filled with warmth and smiles. XO

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