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I cannot believe how quickly time flies sometimes. It wasn’t that long ago that I was welcoming the summer breeze and all the fun plans and dreams that always come along with the warmer months…and now here we are, mid-September and I must admit I am a little bit in awe at how fast this summer came and went.  However, as we transition from easy-breezy to crisp and cool weather, I feel a sense of excitement and wonder as I prepare for the new season.  It may be the habits left from my old school days, but September always feels like a time to reset and start again on any forgotten hopes and dreams and a time to plan for new adventures.  The cozy sweaters, richer foods and frothier drinks are just a cherry on top.

As I look back on summer sixteen, I feel grateful for friends old and new, days spent with loved ones, the ability to feel the sun and the blessing of welcoming a new season with open arms.  Change is good my friends.  I hope that September has been treating you well and that you continue to dream, love and always move forward with light in your eyes and joy in your hearts.  And now, I leave you with a few September things I’m looking forward to…

Relaxed and unplanned adventures


Enjoying as many meals outdoors as possible



Breathing in the changing season



Lots of pie and warm, frothy drinks



Happy pre-Fall friends!  October will be here soon accompanied by that beautiful symphony of magical colours we all love.  Are you excited?!

Lots of love! xo

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As I write this post, I am working away from my backyard and feeling the heat….summer is in full swing, but time is flying by you guys.  How is it already mid-August??!! As I look back on what has been a great Summer Sixteen I am already feeling nostalgic because I know the season of apples and pumpkins will be here before we know it.  And although I love the Fall, I am not quite ready to let go of beach days, heatwaves and summer cocktails.

We still have a few weeks left of sunshine and blue skies, so today I rounded up five delicious and refreshing summer sips to try this weekend.  All of them taking advantage of juicy fruit and fresh herb season….so, you know, the best ever!

Cheers to the weekend you guys! Hope you enjoy!









These are pretty tasty right?!  If you are in the midst of wedding planning, these are some seriously chic contenders for a unique signature cocktail for your big day.  Cheers! xo

Credits:  Each cocktail individually linked to original source.

Congratulations, you are engaged!!  Now breathe and take the time to revel in this very special moment.  Be present and as the thoughts of band vs DJ or cake vs macaron tower begin to float in your head, rest easy knowing that wedding planning need not be stressful…and can in fact be fun!


There are some essential elements that will ensure your day is as memorable and beautiful as it can possibly be, such as a fun theme, customized invitations, a super fun DJ, etc., etc.  But first things first:  Once you have set your wedding date and have determined a realistic wedding budget, the first thing to book is your ceremony space, followed by your venue.  Many venues book a year or two in advance, so be sure to check this off your list as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Once you have booked these two important aspects, start booking the other elements that are most important to you – whether it be the out-of-this-world photographer you’ve been admiring, or the cake maker of your dreams – get them booked!  Then you can relax and enjoy the planning process knowing your foundation for a great day is in place.

ceremony If you are looking to go with a particular theme for your wedding, keep in mind that ultimately it should be an extension of both of your personalities.  Themes can be incredibly fun and they provide an opportunity to be creative and really put your “stamp” on your wedding day.  At the same time, be prepared to follow through with your theme 100% for a cohesive and authentic look and feel.  A great tool in helping you pull your look together is an inspiration board. You can gather images of anything you love – colours, flowers, stationary, etc. and use them as a guideline for your day.  And remember, regardless of the theme you choose, the best way to ensure that you will stay on track is to choose something you truly enjoy.  You do not want to choose something that you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with as it can be a real gamble for your big day.  I have put a few ideas together for you and I sure hope that you will find a little something you love!

Modern Love… ModernLove

Mellow Yellow… mellowyellow

Parisian Daydream… ParisianDayDream

Cool and casual… CasualAffair Remember, it is key to get those bigger elements of your day mapped out early, so that you have a solid foundation to lay all of your beautiful and thoughtful details on.  Over the next few days, I will be sharing more helpful tips and guidelines to help you along.  In the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have any particular questions about your wedding planning process.  I am always happy to help.  Lots of love! xo

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